Data protection

General information

It is possible for you to use the Internet service provided by "Furnier- und Holzwerk Mittenaar GmbH" at all times without, as far as possible, providing personal data. We store and evaluate the following data:

Contact form: Personal data is collected, stored and processed for the sole purpose of processing and carrying out an order. The data is treated with strict confidentiality; under no circumstances do we pass on your information to third parties not involved in processing the agreed performance.
Newsletter: The email addresses for sending the newsletter are stored in a database (following confirmation by means of the double opt-in mechanism) and are used for no other purpose than to send the newsletter. Subscribers to the newsletter can cancel their subscription at any time; the email address will then automatically be deleted.
Cookies: The Internet service provided by "Furnier- und Holzwerk Mittenaar GmbH" sometimes uses cookies, which are small text files that are stored on the device of the user. Most of the cookies used on furnierwerk-mittenaar.de are so-called "session cookies". They are automatically deleted when you close your browser after visiting the Internet service at furnierwerk-mittenaar.de. It is of course possible to view the Internet service at furnierwerk-mittenaar.de without cookies being used. To prevent cookies being stored on your device select "Decline cookies" in your browser settings. However, if you do not accept cookies you may not be able to use all of the functions on the internet service at furnierwerk-mittenaar.de.

Incidental data collection

More extensive personal data is only collected if you disclose these details voluntarily, for example when making a request. Insofar as you provide us with personal data, "Furnier- und Holzwerk Mittenaar GmbH" will only use this data to respond to your requests, to process agreements concluded with you and for technical administration purposes.

In accordance with the regulations under the (German) Federal Data Protection Act anybody using the internet service provided by "Furnier- und Holzwerk Mittenaar GmbH" is entitled to demand information about what data is stored about him or her and for what purpose the data is stored. Furthermore, the user is entitled to demand incorrect data is corrected and also that data stored without due authorization or need no longer be stored is deleted. “Furnier- und Holzwerk Mittenaar GmbH” provides information about the stored data when requested to do so in writing.

"Furnier- und Holzwerk Mittenaar GmbH" endeavours to safeguard your stored personal data by taking all possible technical and organisational measures to prevent access by third parties. It is not possible to fully guarantee the security of data sent when communicating via email; consequently, we recommend confidential information is sent by post.